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How to Contribute

You want to inform us about an interesting resource? Great, and thank you for your support!

Simply send us an e-mail with the url to the website, pdf, forum post, article, etc.

What we need

This page is intended to be an online repository for technical, mathematical, scientifical, economical and sociological material regarding blockchain, distributed ledger technologies, smart contracts and crypto.

This could be whitepapers, yellowpapers, forum discussions, survey articles, statistics, etc.

The material provided should be helpful to others, if they want to understand a certain topic better.

What we don’t need

This page is no advertisment billboard. Hence we reject mere product/ service promotions with little or no worth knowing.

We also reject illegal and offensive material.

How we publish

We will review the submitted source and decide upon the publication. This can take a while.

We are happy to hearing from you!

Your DLTR Team


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