Verifiable Random Number

Decentralized Verifiable Random Functions (VRN)

VRN = Verifiable Random Number

A VRN is a function that creates a random number in decentralized fashion. The Outcome of this function can be verified by thirdparties. This is important to confirmt that the resulting number is truely (pseudo)random.

Properties of VRN

Desired properties of a VRNs are:

  • Availability/ Livelines
  • Quantum Resistence
  • Verifiability
  • Unbiased
  • Unpredictability
  • Scaleability

Material / Ressources for Verifiable Random Functions (VRN)

Overview Ressources

XOR, Commit Verify, RANDAO, Hash Onions, Pedersens Scheme

  • Explains a solution to the last actor problem by using a threshold scheme from 6:15
  • BLS Threshold Signatures

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