Blockchain in the public sector – practical guide by comptia

This article gives a comprehensive overview about the basics of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies in a highlevel way. It offers links to some reports and surveys regarding the adoption of blockchain and its outlook for the future.

During this report several use cases are touched and it is highlighted that many US authorities have experimented with blockchain and dlt so far.

Beside the description of use cases and adoptions the report provides policy recommendations like defined standards and interoperability, standardized market places as well as “sand boxes” for testing this new technology.

Sign and verify Signature with Solidity and Javascript

Tutorial about signing and validating data in solidity and javascript.

Creating and validating signatures is crucial part in many transactions and applications.

In this tutorial the signature is created in javascript utilizing the libraries eth-crypto, web3 and ganache-cli.

The javascript library EthCrypto ist responsible for signing the message (for example with a keccak256).

The validation takes place in a smart contract (Solidity).

Validating a signature in Solidity.

This smart contract written in Solidity shows how to validate a signature passed to a function.
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Antonopoulos talking about the Internet of Money

Video showing Andreas Antonopoulos in Chicago talking about the years 2013 – 2018. He reflects the development in price and attention the blockchain technology received. And he predicts a bright future for this technology.

The essence of his talk is that the incredible price hike between mid-2017 and end of 2017 distracted many people from making progress in the technological development of the blockchain technologies. And now is the time to make progress in improving the user experience and the manageability of the underlying technology. As Antonopoulos said put it, it is time to plant the seed for the future, since we are right at the beginning.

He encourages startups and individuals alike to contribute and offer support to the community.

Ganache – a truffle framework

Ganache is a local blockchain setup for coding, testing and developing Ethereum smart contracts.

Ganache offers you several accounts which who you can interact with your smart contract. The accounts have a certain amount of Ether and an address. It helps you to inspect the state while firing transactions and calling functions of your smart contract.

There is no local Ethereum client necessary which makes the setup faster and more stable.

The website features also some tutorials that help you to set up Ganache and use it in your production.

Ganache is part of truffle.