Connecting Angular and Ethereum to build a dApp

This resource describes how to build dApps (decentralised apps) using Angular and Ethereum.

The tutorial walks us step by step towards creating an dApp.

In order to do so it utilizes tools and librariey like Truffle, web3, Ganache, nodejs and of cource angular, which need to be installed on your computer. Links to tutorials are provided.

Angular serves in the show case as UI framework. The autor notifys us that other UI frameworks than Angular and blockchain solutions can be tied together.

Ganache – a truffle framework

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Position Paper on Blockchain, GDPR and Dataprotection

In this position paper Bundesblock criticizes that the GDPR does not take blockchain into consideration. I provides recommendations on how to treat blockchain with respect to the GDPR.

The pdf outlines briefly which data fall under the GDPR and what private data is.

It also explains what Data are storedy and used typically in a blockchain and that those data are stored permanently.

According to the position paper the GDPR is a threat to blockchain initiatives in Europe and Germany. Particularly Miner and Nodes might be liable for storing sensitive information.

The paper makes statements about Principles in handling data, the right to e, the right to restrict processing and the right to port personal data.